Paralegal Schools in California (CA)

A number of accredited Paralegal Schools in California offer classroom training as well as online education. Paralegal programs are available in different formats and vary in length, which allows a candidate to choose a program according to his or her needs. Formal paralegal training from a recognized school is an important pre-requisite, if a candidate aspires to make a long and successful career in this field.

Paralegal schools in California will offer training that covers the tasks that the candidates may be expected to perform on the job. It helps to obtain a California Paralegal Certificate in order to attain a job as a paralegal in the state because most employers prefer to hire only certified candidates.

Paralegal Schools in California (CA)

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Paralegal Careers in California

California Paralegal Schools offer various programs that include training in both theoretical and practical aspects of the job. The common paralegal job description includes duties to help lawyers successfully address various legal problems that their clients face. Paralegal Schools in California will provide training to the students in communication skills, writing reports, organizing and scheduling meetings, analyzing legal papers, and essential computer and software skills that are intrinsic to the job of a paralegal.

Teamwork is a crucial requirement to make a successful career as a paralegal. A paralegal will perform most of the tasks as a part of a legal team that is helping resolve a client’s legal issues. Any leading Paralegal School in California will train the students in how to carry out their duties as a part of a team or a focused group and because California is such a litigious state, there are several different avenues to choose from in this wide open field. Even with that said, as stated before, the competition is severe.

Reputed Paralegal Schools in California will train the candidates in regular tasks such as preparing legal documents, drawing sale or purchase agreements, drafting articles of incorporation, and preparing pleadings and wills. A graduate from any of the Paralegal schools in California will be able to identify the appropriate rule of law in a typical legal problem.

California Paralegal Training

Paralegal Certification programs in California vary in duration and format. Students from Paralegal schools in California may join a program that matches closes with his or her training needs. The programs at any of the leading California Paralegal Schools will usually range between a few months and a year in terms of duration. Candidates have the option to choose between California Paralegal Certificate programs as well as degree programs.

The job of a paralegal requires a candidate to be well versed in all aspects of the law. Most of the leading Paralegal Schools in California offer courses that will encompass education in legal theory as well as professional skills. Some of the Paralegal schools in California may offer the candidates an opportunity to work as interns with a law firm as a part of their training.

California Paralegal Salary

The mean paralegal salary in California is $59,030 per year or $28.38 per hour. These are the official state figures provided by the government. However, candidates from a top Paralegal School in California may soon find themselves competing in a healthy job market that is expected to boast an 18% growth rate.

(Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)