Paralegal Schools in Arizona (AZ)

Take your first exciting steps into the legal world by enrolling in one of the paralegal schools in Arizona. The Grand Canyon state is the perfect place to earn your degree. With several terrific schools across the state and online, the paralegal schools in Arizona will provide you with the expert paralegal training needed in order to become a successful legal assistant. From Phoenix to Tucson, there are a variety of paralegal schools in Arizona, offering something for everyone. After earning your degree, you will be more than qualified to begin working at a law firm or in the legal department for one of any number of government or corporate organizations. Below you will find more details about paralegal careers, schools, and salary information. Be sure to explore our list of featured paralegal schools in Arizona as well, and enroll in a traditional or online degree earning program today.

Paralegal Schools in Arizona (AZ)

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Paralegal Careers in Arizona

A typical paralegal job description involves assisting lawyers by performing research and organizational tasks. Specific job duties will vary depending on the size of the law firm, but most paralegals spend at least part of their time working on certain portions of cases. This might mean prepping lawyers on necessary case background information, or researching laws and regulations which may prove useful in winning legal battles. Occasionally, there are secretarial aspects of paralegal work, including keeping track of old casework, updating databases, and procuring documents or statements which a lawyer may need to use in court. With a degree from one of the paralegal schools in Arizona, your career will be filled with these exciting tasks and more. The schools in Arizona will help you become exactly the type of paralegal you aspire to be.

Arizona Paralegal Training

In order to earn your Arizona paralegal certification, you will need to complete an associate or bachelor’s degree program at one of the Arizona paralegal schools. At most of the paralegal schools in Arizona, you will be able to complete your education in less than 2 years, depending upon your specific program. Your classes will focus on training you in specific paralegal work as well as teaching computer, research, and organizational skills. The paralegal schools in Arizona will also help you obtain internships at local law firms and prepare you to take a paralegal certification test. With your degree and certification, you will be ready to begin a long and successful career as a paralegal.

Arizona Paralegal Salary

After earning your degree from one of the paralegal schools in Arizona, you can expect to enter a secure and successful workforce. The average paralegal salary for workers in Arizona is $48,940, which closely matches the nationwide statistic. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.) There are over 5,000 paralegals already working in the state, and employment opportunities are expected to grow by 18% over the next decade. This means that by attending one of the paralegal schools in Arizona, you will be heading down one of the most rewarding career paths on the market. Check out our featured schools and get started now!