Paralegal Schools & Training Programs

A paralegal training program, offered through an accredited paralegal school, can give you the background legal education you need to join the paralegal job market. There are many paralegal schools available that will provide the training needed to become a paralegal and become certified. After earning a traditional or online paralegal degree, you can be ready to start an internship, pass a certification exam, or begin your first paralegal job.

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Paralegal Schools Enrolling Now

Choosing the Right Paralegal School

Picking a paralegal school is not an easy process. Since there are no licensing rules for paralegals, there are no uniform educational standards for paralegal schools. As a result, the educational requirements and quality of paralegal schools vary widely.

The best way to narrow your choices of paralegal schools is to find out which ones have been approved by the American Bar Association. Although schools do not need ABA approval, having this endorsement is an indication that a training program has met a certain standard of quality. Currently, there are approximately 250 ABA-approved paralegal schools around the country.

Applying to Paralegal Schools

If you have a high school diploma or GED, you will be eligible for most paralegal schools. If your high school offers classes in business, law, or ethics, it may be helpful to enroll in these courses to prepare yourself for your secondary education.

There are several different types of paralegal schools you can apply to. There are both traditional schools as well as e-schools where you can earn an online paralegal certificate or paralegal diploma. If you prefer working from home at your own pace, an online paralegal school may be the best option for you.

What Will I Learn at a Paralegal School?

Though specific coursework varies from one paralegal school to another, the majority of paralegal schools should offer instruction in the following areas:

Paralegal School Program Lengths

The amount of time it will take you to complete your education will depend on the type of paralegal degree you are pursuing. If you enroll in a certificate program, you may be able to earn your paralegal certificate in as little as a few months. However, schools that offer associate and bachelor degrees have programs that can take several years to complete.

After Graduating from a Paralegal School

There are several ways to continue your education after graduating from one of the paralegal schools. One of the best ways to do this is by completing an internship. Some of the paralegal schools may offer internship programs that can put you in touch with employers.

In addition to enrolling in an internship program, you can also seek paralegal certification. There are several nationally recognized organizations that offer paralegal certifications. Each certification process is different, but generally you must pass an exam covering the types of things you will learn during your education.

Becoming certified is a great way to show employers you have the skills to work in the paralegal field. Contact one of the paralegal schools to find out more information about certification and to see if they offer practice tests to prepare you for certification exams.

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