Litigation Paralegal Salary Information

Once you begin a career as a paralegal, the amount of your litigation paralegal salary will depend on a number of things including your education, your work environment, and your location. Because the litigation paralegal job description and the job description for a paralegal are so alike, the salary breakdown is identical. However, during your education, there are a number of things you can do to prepare for your future and maximize your eventual litigation paralegal salary. This page will provide you with some basic information about which industries and locations offer the highest average litigation paralegal salary.

How Much do Litigation Paralegals Make?

The litigation paralegal salary for workers across the country varies drastically from one person to the next. For example, the litigation paralegal salary can range anywhere from $30,000 up to $75,000. Falling somewhere in the middle, the average litigation paralegal salary comes in at $49,960. How much you make will depend on the level of education you have completed, whether or not you have any certifications, what type of employer you work for, and where you live.

Right now, the average litigation paralegal salary in the District of Columbia is $68,120, the highest in the country. Other areas with some of the highest average litigation paralegal salaries include California, New Jersey, New York, and Illinois. In these states and a few others, there are litigation paralegals who are making much more than the national average. In general however your litigation paralegal salary will be comparable to the income of most other paralegals. See our paralegal salary breakdowns for more information.

Litigation Paralegal Salary by Industry

Another variable that will affect how much your litigation paralegal salary will be is the industry you work in. Take some time to research the litigation paralegal job description to find out more about different paralegal work environments. The most popular industries for litigation paralegals and their salaries include:

Federal Executive Branch $64,750
Management of Companies and Enterprises $59,390
Local government $50,980
Legal services $47,790
State government $44,850

How to Improve Your Litigation Paralegal Salary

One of the most popular ways to increase your earning potential is to receive formal training. While some paralegals are trained on the job, most employers seek people who already have a degree or certificate from an approved litigation paralegal training program before hiring them. In addition to helping you obtain a job with a higher salary, the litigation paralegal schools are a terrific way to learn the skills needed to perform the duties associated with this career.

You may also be able to secure a higher litigation paralegal salary by passing a certification exam. There are several organizations that offer certifications in the paralegal profession s including the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) and the American Alliance of Paralegals (AAP).

The NALA has a certification exam available and the AAP offers their American Alliance Certified Paralegal credential to paralegals with a minimum of five years experience in the field. Your training program may be able to offer you study courses or practice exams to prepare you for these certification processes and others.

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.