Legal Secretary Training Programs

The best way to begin a career as a legal secretary is to complete a legal secretary training program. By enrolling in one of the legal secretary schools and earning a certificate or a degree in the field of legal studies, you will learn the skills needed to succeed in this exciting career. Your legal secretary training will include courses and hands on training in the areas of law terminology, record keeping, typing, and other aspects of the legal secretary job description.

We have several legal secretary training programs available for you to choose from. Browse our list below and enroll in one of the schools that best fit your needs.

Legal Secretary Training Programs Enrolling Now

Why Seek Legal Secretary Training?

There are several benefits to enrolling in a legal secretary training program. Most importantly, you will take classes taught by professionals that are designed to shape you into an experienced and competent legal assistant. In addition, having a degree or certificate looks great on your resume and may increase your employment opportunities and legal secretary salary.

In some rare cases, legal secretaries are trained on the job. However, with new technology and legal processes becoming making this career a more advanced field, more often than not employers prefer to hire workers who have completed formal legal secretary training. Your education, along with any internships or certifications you pursue, is a terrific way to show law firms and attorneys that you have a thorough knowledge of the legal secretary field.

Different Types of Legal Secretary Training Programs

While all training programs will teach you how to perform the duties associated with the legal secretary job description, you have several options when choosing a school. For instance, you may decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree in legal studies, which can take several years to earn. Alternatively, you may decide to earn a legal secretary certificate, which can be obtained after only a few months of classes.

You must also choose between traditional and online legal secretary training programs. With a computer and a reliable internet connection, you can receive the same resources as your fellow students in the classroom from your living room. An online program is ideal for people who need a flexible schedule or can’t make the commute to a physical school. On the other hand, some people prefer learning in a classroom environment where there are more opportunities for interactions with students and teachers. Take some time to decide which learning style works better for you before enrolling.

What to Expect During Legal Secretary Training

Whether you seek legal secretary or paralegal training, the majority of your education will consist of lectures and classwork related to legal studies and clerical work. You will take classes related to laws, legal histories, record keeping, and more. Beyond the classroom, your training may continue in the form of an internship. By enrolling in an internship or externship program, you will gain your first on the job experience and learn firsthand what it is like to work as a legal secretary.