Legal Secretary Job Description

A legal secretary job description involves performing clerical and secretarial work for law firms, attorneys, and other legal agencies. Not to be confused with paralegals, the expectations of a professional legal secretary tend to fall more in the category of clerical work and note taking than what would be considered part of the typical paralegal job description. However, the legal secretary job description itself is diverse and varied, and can change depending on your work environment or your training level. By receiving formal legal secretary training, you will learn how to perform most of the responsibilities associated with the legal secretary job description.

What Does a Legal Secretary Do?

The legal secretary job description includes several duties and tasks related to clerical work in a law firm. A legal secretary is a specially trained secretary that has knowledge and skills in legal research and law terminology. Some of the specific responsibilities associated with the legal secretary job description include:

These are just of few of the many jobs expected of legal secretaries. As you gain experience or promotions, you will take on more responsibilities, which could lead to a job as a paralegal or even an attorney with additional education.

Types of Legal Secretary Jobs

While the legal secretary job description is similar no matter where you end up working, it can change slightly depending on your work environment and who your employer is. For example, some legal secretaries work for a small law firm or single attorney. Their job may involve shadowing an attorney, taking notes for them when needed and keeping track of their court documents. The type of law firm you work for may also affect how much your legal secretary salary is.

How Are Legal Secretary Jobs Different From Paralegals?

In many ways, the legal secretary job description is similar to the paralegal job description. Both jobs have several identical duties and tasks, albeit with slight differences. For instance, paralegals often take on more of an active role by assisting in court cases and researching laws and legal documents. whereas a legal secretary may manage the flow of paperwork throughout the firm itself and manage communication between attorneys and clients.

Legal Secretary Job Opportunities

Over the next decade, the amount of legal secretary jobs is projected to increase at the same rate as the legal profession itself. By enrolling in internships or seeking certification, you can improve your qualifications, build your resume, and open up new career paths. In addition, continuing your education throughout your career is a great way to stay up to date on the tasks associated with the ever changing legal secretary job description.

Several of the legal secretary training programs offer career services to help you prepare for the job market. This may include prepping you for interviews, teaching you how to craft a professional resume, and offering you practice courses for certification exams.